Blog theme updated and did some optimizations too!

Finally I got another theme which suits my needs! This theme fits into the website context so well. One good feature I liked in this theme is its simplicity. Its not messy at all, no images and the interface looks so prolific that I wanted to stick with this at last. iNove theme is pretty decent but I had to do lots of rnd to make even a small change though I am not good in web designing related stuffs. However I managed to bring the new theme and I hope it will give a new and comfortable look in your eyes. If you have any suggestions/feedbacks/issues with this theme then please don’t hesitate to drop a mail or you can add comments below the post itself too. See the contacts page for pinging me. I will try my best to give your mail’s response as soon as possible.

Some minor changes I did in the applied theme:

a. Broadened the width of the display of the blog texts container area.
b. Changed the font to make it simple and bit small to give it a more pro look.
c. Added Twitter Link in the menu navigation panel.
d. Modified RSS Feeds destination link rather than keeping the default RSS Feeds drop down menus which I thought
   that it won’t be useful at all.
e. Removed the Tags Div Element from all the posts footer area and removed the same from the inside posts also.
f. Removed the Footer information as un-necessarily it just occupies couple of area.
g. Removed the Tag Cloud widget as its not required now for the time being.

Some tentative changes to be applied:

a. From the menu navigation area, copy right information has to be placed in the right place.
b. Coloring scheme of some panels needs to be changed. I suppose black would be nice enough to fit!
c. In each posts footer area, Author name needs to be added and Filed under will be moved to the right side.
d. And at last, if possible then I will add a simple banner in the top.


Aug 28th, 2009 | Posted in Misc
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