How to fix Snort dynamic preprocessor loading error

Assuming if you've here, by now you already might have encountered an error while loading snort to run as a daemon or testing your snort.conf configuration file for any »

Samba is_known_pipename() CVE-2017-7494 in-the-wild vulnerability exploitation

It looks like of late a spree of critical bugs are giving many sleepless nights to several product vendors/researchers! WannaCry is still on the verge and not over yet »

tcpreplay v4.2.x Installation Tutorial (from source)

Peeps, it's been a long time that unfortunately, I've not updated any contents into my blog. Things have been really going different since a couple of months thus I couldn't »

Metasploit fe_sendauth no password workaround

If you are reading this blog post then its obvious that you are having issues while initializing msfconsole on your terminal. This problem happens whenever you pass a NULL value »

PhpSploit Backdoor tool walk-through

Hey! Offlate I spent some hours to understand the PHPSploit backdoor. The backdoor looks pretty interesting in terms of payload delivery and at the same time doing the same in »

SMBMap: SMB shares enumeration tool

While it comes to SMB shares/files enumeration inside Linux we can make use of tools i.e. nmap, smbclient. However there is a new addition to the group of »

PyDbg: An Installation Guide

No doubt, PyDbg is a lovely User-Mode (Ring3) debugger available which is open source and completely scriptable in Python. If you want to parse the exe, decode instructions on the »

Importing PyV8 Engine into Python 2.7, the easy way

PyV8 is a Python wrapper module to perform JavaScript emulation on the fly like the way we do in SpiderMonkey. But, if you are having a hard-time configuring/compiling PyV8 »

Fix pylibemu import error

If you use peepdf tool as one of your weapon to analyze malicious PDF documents then you might have come across with an error related to libemu python wrapper module »